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Manufacturers & Industrial users are encouraged to contact us to determine Nano-Oil's suitablity
for their applications.
Suitable for:
-   high temperature applications   - Extreme Pressure (load bearing metal to metal)  - roller bearings -
-  Chains & Sprockets -   - Machine Tools -   - Marine Equipment -   - Metal Working -  - Mining Equipment -
-  Printing Equipment - - Rock Drilling -  - Paper Machine & Equipment - - Cutting Drilling Tapping -
-  Armaments -   - Trucking Industry -  Robotics  -
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Happy Customers
Lubrication for the New Millennium
a NanoLube for all your Lubrication needs as featured in Magazines
NanoLube High Concentrates
    Industrial, Automotive
     Marine Applications
NanoLube Packages
 5 Weight CLP       --  10 weight All Purpose  --  85 weight Heavy
Our clients in both Racing & every day driving have experienced & enjoyed the benefits of adding
8 ounce Gasoline & Diesel engine oil treatments to their vehicles & their industrial equipments. 
Now, so can you at a
promotional price for a limited time.
What you can expect as reported by our satisfied customers:    
Works Mitsubishi Dyno Tests
- Reduction in Friction on all dynamic metal to metal contacts & cooler running engines,
  which translates into:
- more miles per gallon.
- more torque/horse power.
- less repairs.
Pay only $69.95
 Limited time Offer 
to December 31 2015
Special offer for our NanoLube Gasoline & Diesel Engine oil treatments.
Model RailRoad
Clean Lubricate Protect
instead of $89.00   
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     -- Silicone -- PTFE resins -- Graphite  --  Molybdenum disulfide known as Moly --
  -- Teflon  --  Copper  --  Lead  -- Silver  --  absolutely No Metals or harmfull Solvents --
Nano-Oil       by StClaire   contains none of the following:
                                        The BladeShow 2015 in Atlanta Georgia was very successful
Nano-Oil was hosted by
Todd Begg from one of our clients in Knives Making & a World Class Knife Maker.
     If you had a chance to come and visit us in Todd's booth during the Show, we want to thank you for your visit.
               Coming Soon:
2 Stroke Racing synthetic
proven on Land & Water.
Nano-Oil     by StClaire  is available in a number of formulations including highly concentrated that can be used as is or added to most lubricants either petroleum or synthetic to increase their  anti friction, anti oxidation (anti corrosion)  & moisture barrier characteristics.
Manufactured goods,  Nano-Oil     by StClaire can be incorporated as part of a finished product,
specially valuable to items with life time warranties such as multi tools & folding knives.
Nano-Oil      has a wide range of applications covered by its different formulations Including:    

         Industrial lubrication      Bicycling     Motorcycles     Automobiles     Marine Applications
        Tractors and Farm Equiment      RC Racing (both electric and gas)     4 stroke engines             

In general all metal to metal contact will benefit with the application of
Nano-Oil         by StClaire
in Armament: Increases muzzle velocity smoothes all moving parts while protecting from rust & abrasions.